Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clean sweep?

So as usual it's been a while without posting. I was never good at diaries either.
DH is off work for 2 weeks and we are busy sorting out our junk. My office will become the new baby's room so I have to clean it out and move everything downstairs, into David's office which we will now share. Hmmm. I am still not sure about it but he is clearing out the back half which will give me a place for my stuff and to set up a desk with my printer etc.

I won't use it as much as he does. My laptop is parked on the dining room table which works very well so far. Handy for sneaking online as M plays and easy to tuck away when we have company for dinner.

Today is blissfully cool. Actually yesterday my Mum took M to Gyro Park while I got my hair cut and it was nice and sunny but SO windy it was quite cold. M asked for a jacket which has to be a first. I came out of the hair salon and thought how nice it would be to have ice cream at the beach, picked us each up a frozen treat, not realizing they were already freezing!
Still Miss M enjoyed her frozen juice bar very much. It was fun cleaning her off after she plunged her sticky hands back into the sand though!

The summer is flying by, I am now into my third trimester and our son will be due before we know it.

M seems to be used to the idea now, gives her baby brother a kiss, and made the transition to a big-girl bed like a trooper. We thought we would put it up and let her get used to the idea before putting her down in it at night. First night she said she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed and she has never looked back. A few days later she said the baby could have her crib... and then started telling us we needed to get the baby's room cleared out so that we could take the crib out of her room!

Time for me to get back to work, there's a lot to do and I am not moving so fast right now! Not to mention bending is getting harder! Still I can't procrastinate any longer, time is running out!