Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gearing up for Christmas

So, just as I should be getting ready for Christmas, baking, decorating, making cards....
My husband is planning to tear down a wall in my dining room. To be fair, it was my idea, that he is bringing to fruition with a ton of hard work and serious man-hours.

This summer he re-roofed our house, with the help of his Dad who is absolutely amazing. It was a huge amount of work, but it saved us a lot of money, and while they were doing it they were able to roof over the sunroom. This sunroom has been a huge liability from the moment we moved into this house.

Sunrooms seem like such a great idea. Not so. They are too cold in the winter and become furnaces in the summer. They are the depository for dead plants and various odds and ends you can't find a place for in the house. Worst of all in this case, they leak. We were informed when we bought the house that there had been a leak in the past, but that it was all fixed and we had nothing to worry about. Not so much. Every single winter it has leaked. In Victoria it rains. A lot. It starts raining in earnest in November, and it doesn't stop until May. Well, it doesn't rain every day, but most of them.

So the big plan when doing the roof was to put a proper roof over this area, and build it into the house, then take down the wall to make it a part of the dining room, thus gaining me an extra 8 feet of length. It was my idea, and my father in law helped make it possible.
So now we are at the stage where the wall needs to come down, and probably the ceiling too to do the lighting. The carpet will come up and be replaced by gorgeous strand woven bamboo.

I can hardly wait to have my gorgeous huge new dining room. But here's the catch. It's nearly December. I want to start hanging garlands and stuff, not deal with a construction site in my living room/dining room area. I am very concerned that it will not get completed by Christmas.
I am worried about spending most of the festive season in chaos.
Part of me wants it done so badly, and the rest of me wants to tell them to hold off until January. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Long time no post!

Wow has it ever been a long time since I posted on here. I am so bad at keeping journals.

So much has happened, M is 20 months old and the most amazing little person ever. She is talking up a storm, learning her numbers and letters, she can recite from her books and sing songs.
I am loving being home with her, so hard to imagine returning to the salt mines.

That said, I am working on some jewellery for a craft show this weekend, and it has been consuming my life. I am using my old business name, although of course I don't expect to make huge amounts of money, this is just to bring in some extra spending money. Plus it will give me a creative outlet. I have really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things.

Hopefully it will be worth all the effort.