Monday, June 30, 2008

Gone gone gone you been gone so long

Wow, such a long time since I posted here. So much has happened.
The dining room is finished and gorgeous. Just need to get the outside stuccoed now and it's done.
I am sitting in it right now with my new laptop.

I have a new laptop because my old computer died. Sad but just in time because I will be losing my office over the next month.
My dear husband has another project to work on, transforming my office into a baby's room.
Sometime in early October we will be welcoming our second child, a son!

We are very happy although I might have preferred to not be pregnant through July and August. M is getting used to the idea slowly. She went from not at all thrilled to talking about how "When my baby brother finishes growing he will play with me!"
so it's really amazing. Now she gives my belly a kiss and talks about "baby brother". I am sure she will be less than thrilled at first when he really comes home and takes a lot of the attention off her. But I am sure she will adapt. She is such a sweet and nurturing child.

In other news, it is hot and I am pregnant. So yesterday dear husband went out and bought an air conditioner. Oh so GOOD!
I just want to stand in front of it all day...

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