Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Baby brother loves his stickers!"

8 weeks to go until Baby Boy makes an appearance, and of course there's still a lot to get done.
The office is basically moved downstairs to share with D, just a bit of junk still lingering that I have to deal with this week because this weekend the carpet and wallpaper come out.

Over the next couple of weekends the room should be transformed into a nice baby room.
There are still lots of things to pick up. I haven't been buying too much yet but I need to go through M's baby clothes for suitable gender-neutral wear then buy what we need from there. Since we weren't sure she was a girl, I didn't buy much girly stuff until after she was born, so there should be some reusable things.

I am still (touch wood) feeling pretty great by and large. Very pregnant, but healthy.

M is being very sweet about her baby brother. Yesterday she stuck stickers all over my shirt right on my belly, for baby brother. I was not allowed to take them off all day... lol.
She still has her moments, though. I am not naive enough to suppose it will all go smoothly. Yesterday she said she wanted her crib back... I know she really doesn't, it's more her concern about the baby having things that are hers. She's been sleeping in her bed for weeks and I am quite sure if we tried to switch her back there would be even MORE wailing.

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