Monday, February 26, 2007

Today my Mum and I took my daughter to Oak Bay Village. We had a coffee (mmmm java!) and wandered along Oak Bay Avenue and back. Oak Bay is what Canadians think England is like. I can say that because I used to live in England. It has the nice village feel that you find in England but it never quite convinces. I suppose because I know the difference. It is full of shops which cater to the elderly inhabitants of the area, but over the past few years it has been changing and new, cool shops are moving in. Check out Tourism Oak Bay:

I am looking for toys because it's my little Bun's first birthday coming up in March and I have been everywhere trying to find something interesting that is not too old for her. (no fiddly parts she can eat!) So we went into Timeless Toys, a lovely tiny little toy shop in Oak bay Village. Unfortunately the same problem as everywhere else... all the toys I liked were for ages 3 and up!
I'll have to ask some of the Mums I know what their kids liked at this age.

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