Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Birthday (and first steps!)

We had her party on Sunday, it was a fairly quiet one, just family this time. Her cousin came over from Vancouver for the occasion, he is 9 months older than M and I think found her a bit boring because she can't walk yet. She had a little cake all to herself which she thoroughly enjoyed!
The shine was slightly taken off the moment because she was rubbing icing all over her face and into her eyes and she came up in a little rash which freaked Mummy out. She was back to normal before long though.

Today is the big day itself, and I am near-comatose with a nasty cold. So we are eating spaghetti with sauce I had in the freezer and trying not to hack up a lung! Daddy and I will have a smidgen of leftover cake, but no icing for M this time!

To celebrate the day, M took 3 steps by herself one time when I was reading a book, and 5 steps when I was in the loo... She sure knows how to pick her moments! Nana (my Mum) witnessed both times. Grandma (Daddy's Mum) came by for a birthday hug and a little visit so she had more than her share of attention today (as always).

Must get a couple of photos up here and get the pasta made before my dear husband gets too hungry. Myself, everything tastes like cardboard right now so I'm not very enthusiastic. If only I could keep that up!

In other baby news, M can now find several of her toys when asked, as well as the flashcard of the tiger, which she accompanies with a very lifelike imitation. Tiny roar, SO cute!
Interestingly, the little plastic monkey is the only thing identified as monkey, not the flashcard or the stuffed monkey. So she's assigned the name "monkey" to that one toy rather than being able to identify a monkey in other forms. Still, I think she's amazing and watching her develop every day is a joy.

Lucky Mummy, in spite of green slime and antisocial dripping nose!


dkfenger said...

Hi sweetie! Hopefully you'll see her next few steps...

Coco said...

Hi!!!! I am so glad to 'see' you and hear that you have a beautiful child!

She is just sweet, and one already! Not much difference in age from Flip, who's 14 months now and a complete terror and sweet thing all in one.

I'm dying to hear what you've named her.. the M is too tantalizing.